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Absolutely no copyrighted material is intended to be listed on this site.
No official dvds are intended to be listed on this site.
please email me at 

                                                               if you have any questions or concerns.


Hello and welcome to my fan website.
There's no better way to check out a
band than by witnessing them live. 
On this site I would like to share
my journal showcasing my personal
dvd video collection.
If you would like to inquire
about any of the videos in my
collection you can contact me at

The first page is the most important here ~
first all of my ntsc dvds are listed alphabetically,
then all of my pal dvds are listed alphabetically, and punk dvds follow that.
Please see the other pages for more detailed
descriptions and set lists (when available).

I update and add more new titles frequently,
so please check back often.

You'll see what my music taste is
 like from looking at the following pages.
Thank you for checking stopping to read this.

All videos are from my own private collection.
All information about these bands is
 opinion-based and should be viewed as such.

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